8 Facebook Marketing Tips you need to know

Hey guys, Andrea here and today we are talking about 8 tips to up your Facebook game! First up on my list is the Facebook canvas… these are really cool ads. You are able to create your own branded interactive fullscreen Facebook ad. You can implement video, call to action buttons, swipe through carousels, images text, the options are endless. Next up on the list is Facebook Insights. This is my go-to tool you can see what posts start performing well. If video or if images or if links or if text is working better for you and your audience. You can see what your audience is into. All of this is within Facebook Insights. Another Facebook tip is scheduling your posts. Either Monday or Tuesday, scheduling out your posts for that entire week that way you’re not stressing at the end of a work day to get a post out. Next up is removing links.

Whether that be a blog post, whether that be a YouTube video. Whenever you upload a link into Facebook that link is already embedded in the post, leaving it in there only looks messy. Another Facebook tip is cover images and videos. Yes I said videos and this is a new feature that Facebook has shared. Next up is the targeting tool for your individual posts. But what’s cool about this is for specific posts you can target gender, you can target age, you can target interests, language, you have the option to reach those individual people in that certain target audience. Next up is using specific keywords in your social media posts. They all work just like normal search engines and including those relevant keywords into your posts makes your business and company more searchable. Next up is pinning posts to the top of your Facebook page.

If you have a special going on that week, you can pin this post to the top of your Facebook page so it’s the first thing that people see you when they land on your page. Here at Epic, we love utilizing all social media platforms but especially Facebook, and we’ve seen a ton of success in using these tips that we’ve shown you today. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with our weekly vlogs! We’ll see you next time! .

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